NEW WEB COURSE: Learn to Train and Coach Defensive Soccer Skills to a Higher Level

Learn how to optimize learning and raise your performance through professional experience, scientific knowledge and improved training quality.


The course addresses five main topics: 

  • Philosophy: Gain insight into the philosophy, methodology, and the pragmatic way of skills teaching and learning to help you achieve continuous progression.
  • Tactical skills: Improve your defensive performance by learning about effective marking and one on one strategies involved in defensive play. Master the five positions and techniques of defense. Read the top tips that will give your game an advantage and help your team overcome the competitor’s strengths.
  • Technique: Start by identifying myths and preventing them from affecting your game and replacing them with crucial details due to biomechanical secrets. Learn how to win the ball situationally by switching between different techniques intelligently. Read about how you can purposefully improve your coaching and learning of footwork, turning, tackling, and blocking skills.
  • Training methods: Learn about the six training approaches and how you can plan and carry out special-training as needed. Use this multidimensional approach to master your game and never stop learning.
  • Exercises: The course contains 23 selected exercises that will help you focus on the crucial details and improve your skills teaching and learning in a short period.