Exercise 1. 1v1 Imitation – Testing and Practising Defending Positions

Theme: Defending positions and LFT quality

Category: Imitation training

Objectives: Experience first-hand the differences that the quality of the LFT position has on your performance. Improve the quality of your LFT position (good working conditions.


  • Task

    • The players behave as they would typically do during a match
    • Pressing in the frontal defending position.

  • Testing

    Let the player test and feel the effect that “bad” and “good” LFT positions have on performance.

  • Practicing

    Practice pressing in the frontal defending position with a high-quality LFT position.


  • The ball rests (imagined 1v1 situation)
  • Two players work together
  • 6-8m between the cones


Repeat the same exercise in the side-on defending position and the slanted defending position.

Coaching Points

Good LFT quality (working conditions): 

  • Leg width
  • Feet position
  • Torso Position

Commence at a slow pace and place more emphasis on technique over speed. Gradually increase the pace.

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