Football philosophy

Exercise and development should be fun. We believe that “Purposeful guidance will result in greater experiences, unforgettable knowledge and worthwhile progression!”


Our dream is to develop independent and informed players and coaches who have the confidence and knowledge to become their own qualified trainers.


Our passion is to support ambitious coaches and players through sharing valuable tips and teaching the skills players need to master to reach the next level of their performance.

To provide players and coaches with deep insights into defence skills and techniques that help them to adopt different ways of thinking, a professional approach to skill development, and the ability to play more strategically.


While the approaches and techniques we share have been inspired by a number of sources, one in particular has played a significant role: LEAN’s Build-Measure-Learn Loop. We focus primarily on the following keywords to solve problems and ensure your development progresses in the right direction:

  • Error: Discover myths, correct mistakes and improve deficiencies.
  • Waste: Avoid adopting unnecessary or redundant information that will dilute or reduce the quality of the lesson.
  • Competence: Include relevant and accessible expertise from other sports and disciplines to improve the quality of the material.

Our training philosophy is based on a continual multidimensional learning approach that involves six essential training approaches: 

  • Mental training
  • Technique training
  • Imitation training
  • Minor skills training
  • Major skills training
  • Match practice

An important aspect of the practice is to encourage mental engagement in efforts to develop the player’s tactical skills (choice of solution and choice of technique) and technical skills (working conditions and execution). We also spend a lot of time identifying and addressing a team’s defence problems; for example, the issues they frequently encounter when performing set pieces. 


Tomorrow we will present the importance of the basic defence skills and give you a good offer to continue your knowledge development. 

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About the Author

Anders Giske

Anders Giske is a football (soccer) coach and founder of the blog: Giske Defending - The Ultimate Learning Centre to Football Defence Skills. He is a former professional footballer with many years’ experience playing in the Bundesliga and for the Norwegian national team. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Facebook and LinkedIn